At Expanded Horizons of Kentucky, we will devote our business to and always abide by our Mission, Vision and Values. We provide support and encourage informed decision-making while assisting the people we serve in connecting to their community and promoting dignity and self-worth. 

To provide and empower individuals with disabilities the opportunity to build and grow their lives in the community by offering customized services, supports, and encouragement.

Individuals  with developmental and intellectual disabilities will be afforded the same opportunities as those available to fully engaged citizens of our community and will be provided supports and encouragement to reach their aspired goals.

“Staff is very professional but also has a personal caring touch. Expanded Horizons staff goes out of their way to meet the needs of my grandson. His safety and care is important and set as a priority for them. I am very pleased with the CLS services they provide for us”.
— Monite Johnson, Individual’s Guardian

We value each and every person with emphasis on serving them with integrity and respect.  We will strive to make a positive difference in their lives.   We respect the involvement of family and natural supports to empower individuals with disabilities to pursue active and meaningful participation in the community. 

We will ensure dignity and respect for each person as a valued individual. Be entitled to the rights, privileges, opportunities, and responsibilities of community membership. Be supported and encouraged to develop personal relationships, learning opportunities, work and income options, and worship opportunities as full participants in community life. Be based on individually determined goals, choices, and priorities. Be easily accessed and provided regardless of the intensity of individual need. Be afforded the opportunity to direct the planning, selection, implementation, and evaluation of their services and supports. We will require that funding be flexible and cost effective and make use of natural, generic, and specialized resources. Be the primary decision makers in their own lives. Be evaluated based on outcomes for individuals. 

We will work to ensure that all persons have dignity and value, and are worthy of respect. Provide safeguards to ensure personal security, safety, and protection of legal and human rights.  Be coordinated on person-centered and family-centered principles, focusing on individual needs, strengths, and choices.  Support that all people have strengths and abilities and are the primary decision- makers in their lives.  Provide information and supports that promote informed decision-making.  Promote partnerships with all stakeholders critical to the success of our efforts.  Be accessible and culturally responsible.  Access informal and generic community resources whenever possible in the most integrated community setting appropriate to the person.  Be based on best practice and utilize state-of-the-art skills and information.  Be directed toward the achievement of interdependence, contribution, and meaningful participation in the community.  Distribute resources in an equitable manner according to individual need and comply with requirements governing public funds administered by the system.